Pilot4Safety project - Third training module on Road Safety Audit

Some 10 participants from the five regions taking part in the Pilot4Safety project met at the FEHRL secretariat in Brussels from 11-13th April for the third Road Safety Audit (RSA) training module. 

During this training session, led by Xavier Cocu (x.cocu@brrc.be) and An Volckaert (a.volckaert@brrc.be) from the Belgian Road Research Centre and organised together with other FEHRL partners Peter Saleh (Peter.Saleh@ait.ac.at) and Carlo Polidori (c.polidori@libero.it), the delegates discussed topics relating to the audit process including:

•RSA procedures and stages
•Checklist: reason - choice - structure - use
•Tools and methods (e.g. RSA software, simulation).

During this workshop they also started to practice RSA on real road projects. Click here to see the photos from the workshop. 

The earlier two workshops, held in February and March, dealt with a theorethical Preiminary part and Basics about RSA respectively, as shown on the training plan on the Pilot4Safety website (http://pilot4safety.fehrl.org/index.php?m=3&id_directory=6645).

For more information on Pilot4Safety, contact Adewole Adesiyun at Adewole.Adesiyun@fehrl.org.