Project Results

The expected impact of the PILOT4SAFETY project is the promotion and further propagation of the tools of the EU Directive 2008/96/CE on road infrastructure safety management on regional roads which are not covered by the Directive. This will be achieved through the following reports/outputs of the project:

  • New Curriculum for Road Safety Experts: A new Curriculum for road safety experts commonly agreed by the partners; it contains the list of topics, the hours of training for each topic and a verification method.
  • "Safety Prevention Manual for secondary roads" report: A comprehensive set of training materials adapted to the safety audit and inspection of European secondary road networks.
  • Training report and the evaluation report with analysis of the international RSI and RSA training courses.

These reports contain comprehensive recommendations on how to use the PILOT4SAFETY training for further optimised RSI and RSA courses. Some of the recommendations focus on the structure of the training and the type and duration of training sessions.

Next steps to common EU training of road safety. It provides:

  • A comprehensive summary of recommendations and conclusions regarding the RSA/RSI training and the execution of RSA/RSI on secondary roads.
  • Some further topics and open questions which were raised during the workshops organised within the project and during discussions with the reference group members. These include a common basis on which to build the international training and the establishment of an RSA/RSI Institute.

P4S Tasks

Task 1: Project Management
Task 2: Development of Curriculum
Task 3: Implementation of Handbook
Task 4: Agreement about Training
Task 5: Training
Task 6: Execution of RSA
Task 7: Execution of RSI
Task 8: Evaluation of Results
Task 9: Dissemination and Exploitation