Materials available from the Italian Road Infrastructure Safety Management Conference


Materials are now available from the Italian Road Infrastructure Safety Management Conference on 14-15th June 2011

Pilot4Safety holds fourth and final RSA training module


Some eight delegates participated in the fourth and final Road Safety Audit (RSA) training module held in FEHRL's offices here in Brussels on 26-27th May 2011.

First Pilot4Safety Road Safety Inspection training held


The first Pilot4Safety Road Safety Inspection (RSI) training was held at the BRRC office on 9-13th May 2011.

Italian Road Infrastructure Safety Management meeting and PMG meeting planned for 14-15th June 2011


The next Pilot4Safety Project Management Group (PMG) meeting is planned for 14-15th June 2011 following an Italian Road Infrastructure Safety Management meeting on 14th June 2011.  

Pilot4Safety in "On the Move for Safer Roads in Europe" Newsletter


Pilot4Safety has been mentioned in the "On the Move for Safer Roads in Europe" Newsletter Nr 4 | November 2010. This publication is produced by the Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission. Pilot4Safety is mentioned on page and can be read here.

FEHRL Participation in the European Road Safety Day


On 13 October 2010, the third European Road Safety Day took place at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. FEHRL president, Mr. Joris Al, was part of the panel during the third and final session on safety of road infrastructure. Mr. Al’s presentation, “Contribution to Road Safety by Infrastructure” highlighted the need for knowledge transfer and the role FEHRL can play in this transfer. He further presented slides on the Pilot4Safety and Forever Open Road projects. More...

PILOT4SAFETY Newsletter #1


A PILOT4SAFETY newsletter will be published and released tri-yearly to provide the latest project news, happenings, events, and results. The first issue of the PILOT4SAFETY newsletter is available for download here.

PILOT4SAFETY Project Kick-off


Pilot4Safety website PILOT4SAFETY is a €1.3M DG MOVE project that kicked off on 1 June 2010. Six partners from across Europe – ASTRAL, CDV, Generalitat de Catalunya, Prefecture of Thessaloniki, Randers Municipality, and FEHRL - are working together to contribute to the implementation of coherent safety procedures for the European road network, based on Directive 2008/96/CE of the European Parliament. In order to do so, this project is focusing on developing curricula and tools for the auditing and inspections of secondary roads in a group of EU Regions tailor made to the needs of regional/local authorities, as well as reaching an agreement between the involved regions about the acceptance of a common training curricula and the exchange of safety experts. Leading the project is Dr. Adewole Adesiyun from FEHRL. The project will run for 24 months. To keep up-to-date with this project’s developments, please consult the project website: http://pilot4safety.fehrl.org.

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